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This year marks the 30th anniversary of a movie that brought a very particular Southern California phenomenon to the rest of the world: The Valley Girl. While the "Valley Girl" of the '80s became a cultural phenomenon, the Valley itself is a unique part of the country. On the early days of the San Fernando Valley: "The San Fernando Valley is 'that place' over the hill from Los Angeles, in a lot of people's minds, but you know a million and a half people live in the valley. It has been attracting people who come looking for the American Dream for decades, since before WWII, the San Fernando Valley has a been a destination location for people. The teenagers there like teenagers lots of places had an affected speech. It just sort of took off because so many people in Hollywood and the recording industry live in the San Fernando Valley, and when something happens in the Valley usually it gets noticed. On how the Valley is now viewed as more affordable than other parts in LA: "In some ways that's always been true. It's been a mix, the Valley was first settled as ranches and was a place where you could go and buy or acre ranches, and it kinda got that image of being an affluent place. Ever since the end of WWII it has been a place for the masses to go out and sink their little flag in the American Dream of suburbia. But what's different in the Valley, the prices vary, you can buy a house at any level, but you can usually get more land there than you can anywhere else in Los Angeles.
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Title: California Valley Girls After this lesson they are cute loose on the streets. Scene after scene of totally cranking sex. A steamy hot tub tryst and a lovely lady as a "gift" rounds out this fiery frolic. Written by VCX. I remember seeing this movie many years ago. It centers on a group of valley girls who hang out at a mall. They speak "val", you know, like fer shur, totally! Meanwhile, a pair of lesbians are looking to start a prostitution ring, and recruit the valley girls for training. The movie starts out very nicely, a neat trip down memory lane, looking at life in Southern California in the '80s.
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ALL the touchstones of Valley Girl lingo turn up in the opening moments of Martha Coolidge's ''Valley Girl,'' which opens today at the National and other theaters, raising the question of where the movie has to go. The answer, regrettably, is not much of anywhere. The plot revolves around one very fashionably dressed suburban girl, Julie, and her efforts to exchange an old boyfriend ''It's like I'm totally not in love with you anymore, Tommy - I mean, it's so boring'' for a new one. Not much happens here, nor does much happen to Julie's Woodstock Generation parents, who appear periodically to compromise their daughter's unassailable cool by forcing her to help out in their health-food store. Julie's old beau is a straitlaced surfer type, while the new one has more of a punk look. So the screenplay contains a speech or two about how appearances aren't really everything, a point also applicable to Julie's mom and dad played by Colleen Camp and Frederic Forrest. But the movie doesn't pursue this very thoroughly, and it sounds a one-joke note that's seldom as funny as it means to be. After an inspired opening montage of Julie and her girlfriends as they shop replete with close-ups of labels, price tags and credit cards , the film settles into a rut and stays there. The characters and their jargon are occasionally amusing, but there's no action, no conflict, no overwhelming satire and nothing to jolt them out of their lethargy. As played by Deborah Foreman, Julie is pretty, conventional and a little dull; certainly she's much too passive to carry the movie.

The American release of Valley Girl was April 29, Julie Richman is a Valley girl who seems to have it all: good looks, popularity, and a handsome Valley dude boyfriend, Tommy, but she is having second thoughts about her relationship with the arrogant and selfish Tommy. At the end of a shopping trip with her friends, Loryn, Stacey, and Suzi, Julie runs into Tommy and breaks up with him. Later that day at the beach, Julie trades shy glances with a young man in the distance.

That night, at a party at Suzi's house, Julie locks eyes with Randy, a Hollywood punk who has crashed the party with his friend Fred. They hit it off, especially after Julie learns Randy was the young man at the beach. Tommy is jealous, and tries to bed Loryn. He fails and gets his cronies to eject Randy and Fred from the party. Undaunted, Randy sneaks back into the house and hides in an upstairs bathroom shower.

Randy waits in the shower for Julie to enter the bathroom as various party goers come and go, talking about and trying to have sex, and doing drugs. When Julie enters, Randy convinces her to leave the party with him. Julie brings a reluctant Stacey for the ride with Randy and Fred. While at Randy's favorite Hollywood nightclub, Julie and Randy rapidly grow closer as Stacey continually rebuffs Fred's advances. Julie's friends, dismayed by her relationship with Randy, pressure her to get back together with Tommy.

Julie asks her father for advice, and he kindly tells her she should follow her heart. Despite this, Julie reconciles with Tommy and later dumps Randy. A heartbroken Randy gets severely drunk, makes out with his ex-girlfriend, and nearly gets into a fight with a gang of low riders before Fred saves him. Fred chides Randy for moping over Julie, but tells him he needs to fight if he truly wants her back.

After Randy flits about the Valley for the next few days just so he can get a glimpse at Julie, Fred says he has a plan that will reunite Randy with Julie as well as get revenge against Tommy. A subplot involves Suzi and her stepmother Beth vying for the attention of a boy named Skip. At her party, Suzi tells Beth, who is chaperoning, about Skip, whom she likes and hopes will show up.

When Skip arrives, Beth is attracted to him. Skip also is attracted to Beth and goes out of his way to see her without Suzi's finding out. One day, Skip enters Suzi's house, apparently looking for Beth. He goes upstairs and finds a woman in the shower in Beth's bedroom. Skip and this woman, whose face is not shown, are then shown making love. Another woman arrives home and goes upstairs. The bedroom door opens, Beth enters, and only then it is shown Suzi was in the shower and in bed with Skip.

Skip and Suzi go to the prom together. As the girls make prom decorations, Stacey and Loryn chat over their post-prom plans. Stacey reveals Tommy made a reservation at the Valley Sheraton Hotel as an after-prom "surprise" for Julie.

Tommy and Julie ride to the prom in a rented stretch limousine; Randy and Fred arrive shortly after and sneak backstage. Randy increasingly becomes annoyed with watching the Valley High kids dance, but Fred assures him all is going according to plan.

Julie and Tommy are escorted backstage, waiting to be introduced as king and queen of the prom. Randy confronts Tommy, and the two begin to brawl. When the prom king and queen are announced, the curtain pulls back to reveal Randy's beating up Tommy. Randy knocks Tommy out, then escorts a thrilled Julie from the stage through the crowd. Tommy recovers and storms through the crowd toward Randy and Julie, who start a food fight to slow Tommy down and facilitate their escape from the venue in Tommy's rented limousine.

As the happy couple ride into the night toward the Valley Sheraton, Julie removes Tommy's ID bracelet, which had been a sign of the relationship between the two during the entire film, and throws it out the window. The scene, which echoes the final scene of the film The Graduate , pans to the overview of the Valley, and the limo turns past the Sherman Oaks Galleria glowing in the night. The film originally was conceived as a teen exploitation film to capitalize on the valley girl fad inspired by the Frank and Moon Unit Zappa song " Valley Girl.

Cage and Foreman found it difficult to do the breakup scene at Julie's front door because it was shot late in the filming when Cage and Foreman were dating. It took several takes and some counseling by Martha Coolidge. She told Foreman to think of another guy she had broken up with. Valley Girl was released on April 29, and opened in theaters.

The soundtrack features a host of new wave recording artists including the Plimsouls and Josie Cotton , both of whom appeared in the film. Many of the songs used were minor chart hits in — The song "I Melt with You" occurred twice in the movie: in the ending credits and in the love scene montage.

Director Martha Coolidge heard it on the radio and decided it caught the spirit of the movie. She had to call the staff at the station and sing it to them to find out what it was called because they didn't announce what songs were after they were played. The end credits show songs by the Clash , Culture Club , Bananarama , and the Jam , but these songs are not heard in the film. After the film was completed, problems arose in acquiring the music rights and substitute songs had to be dubbed. The planned release of a soundtrack album on Epic Records catalog number FE was cancelled due to the clearance problems with some of the songs.

Instead, a different six-song mini-album was manufactured by Roadshow Records, a one-off subsidiary of Atlantic Releasing. The album never was released commercially, but a few copies were leaked and became highly valued collector's items. More common is a counterfeit copy which is distinguished by the misspelling of the title as "Valley Girls" on the spine of the album cover.

In , Rhino Records released a compilation of songs from the film's soundtrack on CD, which peaked at on the Billboard Valley Girl is available on DVD. The special edition DVD contains many extras, including the option of a running commentary by director Martha Coolidge, and interviews with many of the cast and crew, including Cage, Bowen, Holicker, Case, and Daily. In the DVD documentary, Daily admits that she had no idea what Valley Girls were supposed to sound like and decided that Loryn would be from Malibu, California and therefore not a true Valley Girl in order to cover this up; she later provided the singing voice of Two and a Half Men 's Jake Harper who splits his time between his parents' homes in Malibu and the Valley.

The film was scheduled for a June 29, release. On March 1, , MGM announced that the film had been pulled from its schedule because of ongoing controversies surrounding Logan Paul. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Valley Girl Theatrical release poster. Wayne Crawford Andrew Lane.

Valley Atlantic Releasing. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved December 25, Retrieved Retrieved February 22, Retrieved 13 September Factory Store". Deadline Hollywood.

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