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Some are smart and conniving, some as dumb as a bag of hammers, some are literally evil, some just high school evil, but they all share three things: they're girls, they're mean, and they go to high school. J oin us as we count down the 27 meanest high school girls in the movies Ah Grease , with your insidious message that taking up smoking and dressing like a massive-haired figure skater was the way to your true love's heart, you truly are a classic amongst teen movies. Though, on balance, we suppose there are worse things she could do. Watch Grease on Now TV. She's a product of our Kardashian-obsessed times whose sole aim in life is to be the star of her own reality show. In fact, she's already filming it, or at least her lapdog Caitlyn is "That was a good take for me, Caitlyn, make sure you get the wide shot". More victim than real villain, she's a sadly satirical reflection of a fame-mad age. Sample line: "I'm what's known as pre-famous. My life is an audition for reality TV.
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The GDPR strengthens and clarifies the rights of EU-resident natural persons with regard to their personal information The Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy for Valossa services have been updated accordingly.
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Almost half of single young men and women in Japan are virgins.
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A year-old doctor has been arrested on suspicion of child prostitution after allegedly paying a year-old female high school student 40, yen in cash for sexual acts in April Police said Kurata reportedly became acquainted with the girl on Twitter, where they began exchanging messages. Kurata was quoted by police as saying he wanted to speak to his lawyer before making a statement.
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Watch the full story:

Kurumin Aroma felt like her life was over at just Fast forward eight years and Aroma looks back at the episode with crushing regret. But she is determined to weaponize the ensuing trauma to help stop others from becoming, like her, one of the hundreds of young Japanese women coerced into pornography by tricksters masquerading as legitimate modeling agents. The coercion of young women into pornography and prostitution has become an epidemic in Japan, where the fetishization of adolescence is disturbingly common and legal protections for children shockingly lax. Ten years ago most of those she helped came from abroad, but today the bulk of cases that come before her charity comprise teenage runaways and abuse victims from Japan. Although officially illegal, Japan has a booming sex industry due to numerous loopholes. An estimated 5, teenagers earn cash this way. Most shockingly, child pornography, only made illegal in , remains rife. There are few laws to protect children. It offers food, coffee and counseling, as well as condoms, toothbrushes and feminine hygiene products, to girls who would rather hang out on the street than go home.
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All things considered, it would have been easier to secure a Vietnamese sex worker than it was to get a Vietnamese actress. The inspiration, said Mr. Jacobson, a lawyer and investment banker, came from a trip he took to Phnom Penh. The incident motivated Mr. After reading the script, Mr. Jacobson said, they offered him whatever he needed, which in the end was several million dollars. Holly, whose family has sold her to Cambodian traffickers, is played by Thuy Nguyen, who is now Jacobson and the director, Guy Moshe, found her in Los Angeles. Jacobson said. And we tried casting Thai actresses.
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Almost half of single young men and women in Japan are virgins. In a country where birth rates are crashing, the stats have been blamed on everything from anime to porn and women not pulling their weight. Watch the full documentary, Sex in Japan: Dying for Company. The name of the restaurant is a reference to the "ideal Japanese female" - a lady of tradition, of feminine grace and domesticity. Her ambition to break down barriers for women in the workplace is not popular with potential suitors.

Yuki is among around 60 per cent of young women aged in Japan who are single. For men that figure is 70 per cent. In fact, around 44 per cent of unmarried women and 42 per cent of unmarried men admit they are virgins, according to The National Fertility Survey, which is a kind of sex and relationship census conducted by the government every five years.

But the reason so many are flying solo is not a generation turning its back on marriage and family: more than 85 per cent of men and women intend to marry.

Twenty-six-year-old Taiyo Hashimoto says there are not enough hours in the day to date. He has a drink. So do I. He asks for another, so do I. There are escorts, hostess bars, fetish clubs, masturbation clubs, love hotels and plenty of sex shops, easing one of the pressures for finding a relationship. That sort of thing is common. A flesh and blood girl is scary, she might disobey you.

Back then, her clients were overworked and stressed out salarymen who enjoyed being her slave. Social and cultural norms aside, that man may have a hard time supporting all those children.

Money, finding a house, and increasingly, work, top the reasons both men and women give as obstacles to marriage. Full-time employees are keener to tie the knot than those in temporary or part-time employment.

Working conditions have completely changed. Her mother Yukimi Takahashi still lives in the small house where her daughter grew up. I want people to know that. The legislation includes equal pay for equal work regardless of employment status and caps overtime at hours extra a month, though some white-collar workers earning over a certain amount are exempt.

Death by overwork: Japan's hour overtime cap sparks anger. Some young people in Japan are already trying to change things themselves; joining start-ups, freelancing or choosing jobs with more flexible hours.

Sushi chef Yuki Chizui for example has created a flexible workplace for her staff and makes sure she takes time out for herself - time she says can be spent with her significant other when she finds him.

If you would like to talk to someone about your mental health, here are some people ready for your call:. Squatting in abandoned houses taught me that the government could end homelessness if it wanted to. Nationals MP joins small chorus of Coalition figures calling for an increase in Newstart. The Black Eyed Peas on staying together and fighting cancer. Baboons on the loose lead to concerns about animal testing. Backpackers helping farmers: bushfire saviours? Watch Barnaby Joyce and Joel Fitzgibbon turn a press conference into a fight about emissions targets.

How many of these 36 family violence behaviours do you tick? Atlassian co-founder rolls out new solar-powered systems for bushfire victims. Skip to content Primary Navigation Show menu Hide menu. SBS News. SBS Home. More Topics. News Programs. Follow The Feed. By Claire Aird. The Latest.

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