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The battle had been epic. Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl stood in the wreckage of the robot army, dust and smoke billowing around her. Her costume was covered in dirt from the fight. She brushed her blonde hair from…. Batgirl silently walked across the roof of the abandoned kitty litter factory. As she looked through the skylight, she saw Batman and Robin tied up in huge empty kitty litter bags. She carefully examined the door on the skylight to…. New York City is the center of the universe and the city that never sleeps! The bright lights of Times Square and Broadway inspired big dreams! Crime and poverty usually shattered those big dreams!
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High up overhead, scanning the streets of Metropolis for crime and super villainy, is the great blue protector. A symbol of bravery, power, and truth. No, it is not Superman, but rather his cousin, Kara, known to most as Supergirl. Kara was going through her usual rounds of street patrol, gazing down at the people below and offering a friendly wave to those who bothered to peer up at the heroine. The creation of the Justice League served to strengthen the awareness, often sending out small groups of heroes to tackle villainy rather than any hero that happened to be nearby. Regardless of the citizen wide comfort of the super hero presence, Kara still got her fair share of onlookers. Her long, toned, legs lead up to a dangerously short skirt; the red contrasting against the blue top led the eyes directly there. Kara had long since stopped caring about all the panty shots she offered up to the faithful citizens. In fact, as she grew, she had learned to enjoy the knowledge that so many were checking her out when they thought they were being sneaky. When she was feeling especially hot and bothered, she would prefer to bend her leg up rather than keep them parallel to each other.
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I enjoyed very much the pilot of the new Supergirl TV series, so I wanted to write something with her. Her costume was tattered in many parts, she was also barefoot. Her blonde hair was in mess. Her left eye had dark mark around, her nose was probably broken and blood still trailed from the corners of her mouth. With kryptonite cuffs on her hands, she wasn't dangerous anymore. He enjoyed her cry of pain. That bitch sent him and his pals to prison years ago. She had to be punished. It was easy to catch her. All he needed was patience.
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The question of course was what to do with the Kryptonite. My meteor hunting expeditions turned up several chunks of it then, I discovered a way to synthesize it. Lex Luthor would kill to know what I know. It really wasn't that hard. It was a variation of the 3-D printing process although in this case the printer wasn't issuing plastic or ceramics but pure Kryptonite. Lex had told me that the Super beings could not handle the stuff.

He told me lots of useful information. Luthor is a smart guy but he so full of hubris that he fails in all of his quests. Lex is the kind of guy who takes Kryptonite and tries to use it to kill Superman.

He doesn't seem to realize that an incapacitated Superman is actually better than a dead one. First of all it is unlikely that you actually CAN kill him. Second even if you succeed, how do you dispose of an indestructible body? Unless you can hurl it into the sun or deep space you are stuck with a stiff you can't cut apart, dump in acid or feed to rats. Even sinking him in the ocean is no solution because he still won't rot. Superman also has a habit of not staying dead and I for one would NOT want to be around when Superman's corpse reanimates!

But then again I am not Lex Luthor. In the first place I don't give a shit about Superman. The universe's ultimate boy scout should be left alone. I fly under his radar anyway. Superman is as much of a big picture guy as Lex is.

He is focused on world threatening calamities and galactic size problems. In that way he is cut from the same cloth as Lex. That's what makes them such good adversaries they are interested in the same things. Sure superman stops the occasional mugging but if he committed himself to eliminating ALL crime he'd end up patrolling for jaywalkers! No its not hard to be a criminal with Superman on patrol. You just have to be either low level enough or smart enough to stay off his radar.

I choose the later course. Superman just isn't my bag. His cousin Supergirl on the other hand! Now there is one fine hunk of feminine form. But what chance does a guy like I have with her under normal circumstances? Oh I have money and I am not bad looking, I'm still on the sunny side of thirty but I'm human. I may as well be a bug when compared to her. But, clever guy that I am, I realized that Kryptonite was the great leveler in the equation. I continued my normal activities while I synthesized the amount of Kryptonite I needed which, was considerable, but I am not a half way sort of guy.

Lex Luthor for example would be so much more successful if he thought his crimes out to every logical conclusion. He imagines about a dozen outcomes and decides that that is enough. Superman is the same way, steering rivers miles of course to save a town from flooding when he just as easily built a dam in less time than it took him to alter the course of the river. Those two deserve each other. After several months I had everything ready. My trap was ready to spring all I need was the opportune time.

Like clockwork Lex and Superman got locked into another one of their stupid epic battles. It was fortunate for me that this one was elaborate. Lex had hijacked a nice supply of nuclear weapons. Instead of making his demands immediately the idiot decided to stash them on the moon! Naturally Superman was off to the moon to deactivate them or to perform whatever noble goody goody outcome he had in mind. With her cousin off world Supergirl had to take up the slack. This is where I come in. Once I explained my plan, it wasn't hard to round up some horny confederates.

We had cased the Metropolis National bank. We knew exactly when the armored car made its deliveries. To the world, and more importantly, to Supergirl it looked like an armed heist. We fired off a few rounds but we had no intention of harming anyone to any outside observer though it looked like a botched job.

The three of us headed for the condo complex across the street, Supergirl on our trail, we needed her in hot pursuit and could not afford to give her any time to think. We hustled into the condo complex and made for the first condo at the top of the stairs. We looked for all the world like any other mush brained villains Supergirl had dealt with countless time before.

What she could not know of course was that through a dummy purchase I owned the condo. Inside every wall, every door, every window, every inch of the ceiling and floor were covered with Kryptonite panels! Supergirl ran up the steps, we acted like we were trying to bolt the door she pushed it open and entered the room. Man was that fun to watch! Immediately we closed the door behind her; she collapsed into a heap on the floor as if she had just taken a knock out punch to the jaw.

I hope you like our hospitality. We made up this room especially for you. I like to consider it our love nest. Supergirl got to her hands and knees and tried to stand up. She failed miserably, I had Jack and Arthur help her up. They sat her on a chair. I drank in her beauty. Her long blonde hair, those fabulous tits and those stupendous legs. This was going to be so much fun! You can call me Ralph. I have admired you for years You are a super being and I am mortal but Kryptonite makes us equals, or rather it gives me the advantage.

This room is lined, every inch, with that substance. Toxic to you but harmless to myself and my associates. You may be wondering why we have gone to so much trouble. The answer is simple you super bitch. My friends and I are going to keep you here until we have all fucked you silly. The longer you are in this room the weaker you will get and the easier it will be for us to do what we want to do.

That was all they could do. She found her voice. My cousin will You can get just as angry as you want we soundproofed the walls and also laid down a thin layer of lead before we installed the Kryptonite panels. You will be our guest for as long as we like. Lets all get comfortable.

I'll bet that you are uncomfortably warm in that costume of yours. How would you like a nice cool bath? After that we can all let our hair down and enjoy ourselves. She had lovely feet. Supergirl kept repeating the word "No! Next we took off the blue panties and beheld her beautiful blonde thatched box. The rest of her outfit was one piece. I stepped forward and slowly yet deliberately unzipped her remaining garment.

We slid it off her arms and beheld the glory that Supergirl naked. No centerfold, no super model, no actress compares. We held her arms so that she could not cover herself and took long hungry looks. Arthur started the water in the tub and Jack and I carried her over to it. We all took turns washing Supergirl's glorious skin and hair. She had not a single blemish or mole anywhere and her skin was amazingly soft and supple. There was not an ounce of fat on her.

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